Mettle Challenge Tournament Rules & Format

1. Tournament Challengers

1.1 To be eligible to join the tournament, challengers are required to be above 13 years of age on the day of the event.


1.2 Each gym/groups are allowed to register up to 2 representing teams for the tournament.

2. Tournament Category

2.1 Participation in the tournament is team based, with each team consisting of 2 challengers.

2.2 Teams can consist of mixed genders and age.

3. Tournament Format

3.1 Challenging teams will be randomly seeded into a tournament bracket, and brackets be released 3 days before the tournament.

3.2 Teams with the faster completion of the WOD will progress up the bracket.

3.3 In the event that 2 of the same representing gym/group meet in the finals, the teams can decide if the like to close out the finals or proceed with the WOD.

4. Scoring/Judging Criteria

4.1 All repetitions of the workouts must be performed to in proper form for count.

4.2 All repetitions can be done by either one team member or by a combination of both team members.

4.3 Official completion time of WOD will be counted upon the completion of the final repetition of the last workout in the prescribe WOD.

5. Workouts & Intervals

5.1 The prescribed WOD for qualifying rounds will be released 1 week before the event day.

5.2 WODs for quarter finals, semi-finals, and finals will be released on the day of the event before commencement of the round.

5.3 Teams will be given at least 15 minutes rest in between regular rounds and 30 minutes before final round.

5.4 Workouts in the WOD will consist of exercises such as:

- Rowing

- KB Cleans (8/12)

- Box Jumps

- Rope Slams

- Assault Air Bike

- Jump Ropes

- Push up

- Burpees

- KB Goblet Squat (8/12)

- KB Swings

6. Disqualifications

6.1 The Organizers reserves the right to disqualify any teams from competing should they fail to:

- Display sportsmanship and fair play in competition

- Be appropriately attired 

- Arrive 15 minutes before the call of round

- Meet participation criteria