"The Climb of Dreams" WOD

For Time


Box Jumps

Deadlift (100kg for Male, 60kg for Female)

Movement Standards

Box Jumps


Starting position: rep count will begin with with both feet on the ground.


Complete the jump up the box with both feet plant firmly on the box. 


Fully extend hips and knees while in control on the top of the box. Rep is counted with hips and knees fully extended. Step-ups are not allowed.



Starting position: Conventional deadlift with arms outside of knees. Sumo deadlifts are not allowed for the WOD.


Lift the barbell off the ground until hips and knees are locked in full extension. Bouncing of the deadlift is not allowed. Rep is counted on full extension of hips and knees at the end of the lift.

Format and Rules


1) Registrations for respective heats open 1.5hrs before heat time.

2) All competitors must be registered before commencement of challenge.

3) All competitors will have to sign an indemnity form on event day. Competitors without a signed indemnity form WILL NOT be allowed to compete.

4) Registration for respective heats will close 15 minutes before heat time and all competitors must stand-by in the athletes pen. Late comers will be disqualified.


1) Competitive teams will attempt the WOD for time in their respective heats lane for time.

2) Competitors will complete "The Climb of Dreams" WOD in 50-40-30-20-10 reps sequence for time.

Competition Rules

1) Each team attempt the WODs will have a judge counting alongside them - the judges counts are final based on the movement standards. 

2) Judges will count out loud the reps completed. If there's a failed rep, the judge will shout "NO REP".

3) Any disputes will only be addressed after the workout at the judges table with the chief judge.

4) Time count will start at the same time for both teams competing in the finals and time count will stop at the last counted deadlift rep of the WOD.

5) Only one person in the team is 'working' during the WOD at any time with the other resting. 


1) The Organizers reserves the right to disqualify any teams from competing should they fail to:

- Display sportsmanship and fair play in competition

- Be appropriately attired 

- Arrive 15 minutes before the call of round

- Meet participation criteria