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Did you know that social challenges, family background and access to resources can greatly impact education attainment and social mobility in youth and children?


With the current landscape caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, these young people and their families have been severely impacted further with the loss of income, jobs and opportunities – putting them at an even further disadvantage in the community.


Although Mettle Challenge 2020 has been postponed, we believe that our community can continue to reach out and use our fitness for good to help these young people and their families.


#MakeItCountForMore is a virtual fitness challenge that is part of Mettle Mobile where you can use your fitness to raise the much needed funds for those disadvantaged in the community in times like these. Join us, and make your reps count for more!

For direct donations, you can the donation through the following secure link:

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Get your friends (or yourself) to pledge a donation for every burpee repetition done in 1-minute HERE

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Video yourself doing as many burpees as you can within 1 minute.



Post the video on your Instagram or Facebook profile, tag @MettleChallenge and #MakeItCountForMore (for public profiles).


Comment as a video on this post on Mettle Challenge’s Facebook page with the hashtag #MakeItCountForMore (for private accounts).


Our team will count your reps and contact you or your friends with the link to complete the donation toward Singapore Children’s Society!

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